Impact Assessment and Mitigation Specialists

Environmental Impact | Social Impact | Cultural Impact | Economic Impact | Political Impact | Geo-Political Impact

Our Services


Business Consultancy

Wide array of cutting-edge advisory, training and facilitation services for new and existing business ventures aimed at enhancing the triple bottom-line: people, environment and profits


Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring by successful industrialists and Performance Coaching by trained professionals


Assessments & Reports

Complete range of impact assessments & reports: Project Identification Studies (PIS), Project Feasibility Studies (PFS), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social, Cultural, Economic, Political, Geo-Political Impact Assessments


Mitigation Strategies

Strategic proposals for mitigation of adverse impacts of new or existing business ventures, projects and/or development schemes of the Governments and/or private sector


Business Strategy

In-depth analyses of business strategy, follow up / monitoring / evaluation and re-engineering


Analyses & Audits

Conducting all audits: Productivity Audits, Performance Audits, HR Audits, Energy Audits, Compliance Audits, Financial Performance Audits of business ventures and development projects


Advocacy & Lobbying

Lobbying and advocacy with the government of Sri Lanka, foreign governments, international agencies, foreign missions based in Sri Lanka and abroad in promoting policies, action plans, programmes and/or projects on promoting sustainable development


Promotion of FDI

Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and facilitation of approvals for investors on setting-up new business ventures


Research & Dissemination

Undertaking studies, research, reports, proposals, estimates or other connected matters aimed at promoting informed decision making


Knowledge Creation

Creating awareness through seminars, workshops, symposiums, and through electronic / print media & social networks